Monday, 8 August 2011


Traffic Jams (Pix from

The Month of Ramadhan is a holy month for our fellow Muslim friends. Each day they fast and rush home early after work to prepare a meal for their families. So not surprising, the roads are packed everyday as everyone, Muslims and non Muslims head home.

Unfortunately, we have drivers who forget that everyone needs to go home. Some fools enjoy whizzing in and out, cutting queues and changing lanes without an ounce of thought for others.
There are people who were standing in queue for a long time, those who have been patient waiting for their turn only to be pushed back again by the inconsiderate fools!!

What do you get by being a complete, arrogant idiot? An extra 10 mins at home? What if the dangerous moves land you and the other drivers in the hospital? Would that be worth it???? It doesn't hurt to be kind, you might reach your destination a little later but remember you will be safe!!


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  2. They're inconsiderate assholes. They bring out the road bully in me, really.