Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Xin Jia Po

Hello Peeps,
I know it has  been way tooooo long since my last post. Guilty as charged!!! But sometimes its a little tiring to type away on your computer, draining your creative juices in the day and coming home to write a blogpost at night. However rest assured, I will try to make amends, well more for myself  than anyone else (i mean u readers) :).

So here goes...

My last visit to the Lion City was when I was five. My parents took me and my lil sister on a holiday to experience life on the other side of the waters. So my memory of Singapore was pretty hazy until recently when my friends/colleagues suggested a three day trip to catch the Harry Potter Exhibition. My first impression? Way to go Neighbour!!!

While I am a patriotic  Malaysian (I love my country, would not be able to imagine life anywhere else), I must admit we can take a few hints from our friends. The minute our bus reached the check post at Johor Bahru, I was shocked by the simplicity or should I say outdated Immigration post. Saddened by the sight that greeted me, i braced myself for Singapore's immigration check point and I was flabbergasted. They even greeted us in style, the office was qell equipped with state of the art machines and looked fabulous albeit the monotonous officers checking our passports.

Then came the MRT station, it is a mirror image of the Hong Kong MRT stations. The trains are on time, people are disciplined and of course the maps are really good. It makes it easier for tourists like me ( a dummy with no information) to move about without fear of getting lost. The only problem for me was,
everybody was almost mechanical. No one had any expressions, no  one was bothered about the people next to them, no one showed emotions. That was pretty sad for me. We were on our own, four ladies and not a single smile.... Sigh....
Jade Chan enjoying her train ride

Our friends Jade  and Xin Yi did an amazing job at getting us our hotel. The 5 Footway Inn is a hostel located at Aliwal Street and  serves tourists from all over the world. The room may be a little small for some but for us it was quaint, clean and a place to rest our head every night. Conveniently Arab street was just nearby and proved to be a great place to shop and move about.
Faz and me on our bunk beds

Heading out for the Harry Potter Exhibition, we were excited (well maybe not Faz since she's not a fan), we hopped on to the train towards Marina Bay Sands.. Now I have heard plenty of stuff bout this place and the numerous Bollywood award shows that were held there just  made me more curious... I mean who wouldn't be? So anyways went we got there, I got the feeling that I was in 'i cant afford anything land'. hahaha am sure  i could afford something but ya... But the view from the bar (forgot d name of the club) is amazing!!!! loved dat!! Best of all was the Harry Potter Exhibition, stepping inside, I felt like I was part of the Magical World. Reading and watching the movies on the big screen just piqued my interest about the world behind the screens and the exhibition gave some answers and closure ( dramatic huh) :)

The view from Marina Bay Sands.. Out of this world


Next my favourite topic, food!!! Well I really cant tell the difference between Malaysian and Singaporean food. For me there is a fine line between the two. No insult meant for either country but ya... we share the same roots and our food must have meshed up somewhere along the lines... Places like Chijmes make eating and dining an experience to remember. Our simple gelato tasted fabulous.  Food in Singapore is just as great as Malaysia so thumbs up...
Gelato from Chijmes

So in short Singapore is an awesome place to hang out fr a couple of days.. I wouldn't stay too long but a short holiday is definitely a welcome break.. :)


  1. i love singapore simply because i feel safe and i can travel around on my own even at night!

  2. Ya.. We ere four gals having a fun nite out without any qualms bout safety... :)