Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mum's the word

These past two weeks, I have learnt that the saying 'You never know how much you miss someone until they are gone", is absolutely true.
I have always appreciated my mum for the woman she is, the mother who raised three children on her own all while facing various adversities. When we were kids, she toiled at work during the day and came home to make a meal for us, little brats.
As we grew older, her responsibilities at work grew, forcing her to cook only on weekends. We tried to do our own chores to ease her burden but every little gesture was never enough. Kids as we were, we didn't understand her hardship.
Then as time passed, we tried to help out more, but excuses got in the way. Studies became a priority. Assignments, classes, friends topped the to-do lists. And we forgot...
Now we have slowly started to chip in again at home but the full blown force of my mothers work at home hit us after she went off on a three week vacation earlier this month.
She decided to go on a holiday to Australia after much thought with her aunt, our grand aunt or granma as we prefer to call her.
cited for her, we urged her to enjoy her trip, forget all about us and let loose. In our glee, we didn't realise that we would grow up these three weeks.
Eager to prove to her that we would be okay with her gone, we jumped straight into chores. I decided to try cooking to make up for the home cooked food we would miss with our mum's absence.

Mum's home cooked meals are the best

Well I must say although the food my sister and I prepared was not up to mum's standard, it was edible, some were quite tasty in actual fact.

Our very own Tom Yum Soup

Then came the cleaning; vacumming, washing the bathrooms, mopping the floors, throwing garbage, sweeping the front porch... etc... the list goes on. All three of us took turns to do everything knowing that neither would survive doing all of these things alone..
It is now we understand how much she does for us and for that we will always be grateful...
My only hope is that we will continue these little chores that take up so much time and effort so that it will give mumsie some time off...

We miss you amma.. Have fun while your there but we can't wait for you to come home... :)


  1. a well-deserved holiday for her and a great learning curve for all you brats.
    but well done :)