Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The New Year

Hello frens,
So here we are 11 days into the new year. So far I have only seen positive shout outs from my friends on FB. I guess it is too soon to start lamenting just yet.
My new year has been fairly simple. This year like every other year, I spent the eve at home with my mum minus the siblings who were out having fun. Then mom goes on a well deserved holiday to Sydney Australia with granma and I start to realise that damn Mummy did lots of stuff at home.. Thank god for Brother and Sister dear who gave me a hand or I would be screwed!!!
Thank God for Siblings
Anyways setting chores and responsibilities aside, this year also brought with it old friendships. For years, I have only had the pleasure of hanging out with my female college mates since we went on to the same university and still keep in touch each week. I miss the good old days with my guy friends who used to rock my TARC days, enlightening me on various teenage issues that I was unaware of. They made me realise there is a whole new world outside. After we left college, we only kept in touch via Facebook. Thank god for that. But its never the same is it? Talking over the phone or chatting can never make up for the fun we have when everyone is around. The beginning of this year spelt a reunion for five of us Tinnesh, Kelvin, Benny, Alric and Me. After a quick dinner with the boys minus Benny, we headed over to Temptations in Changkat for an awesome night. We never looked back since. We are planning on a holiday together and I cant wait.. :)

Benny and Me
Kelvin and Me
Alric and Me

Next comes the more important thing in life "Marriage..." This year seems to be "THE" year for most of my friends... A number of them are getting married and man that is absolutely freaky. While I am happy for them, it scares me to think we may never be the same people again, change is bound to happen. Then again this simply means, we are mature and responsible enough to move on to the next stage in life and I am proud of my friends, Vasugi (who tied the knot in Dec), Vijenthi, who will follow suit in March, Tinnesh also in March, Hema (who will be getting engaged in May) and Marilyn who will be getting hitched in Dec. To you my friends I say good luck and all the best.

Vijen (right), Marilyn (second frm right) and Hema (third from right) will be off the marriage mart

Vasugi and Vinod at their wedding

To all of you,
Have a wonderful year ahead. Do not lose hope, do not grieve for losses, do not let failures dampen your spirits. Always remember everything happens for a reason.


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